Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wah!Banana and of "foreign talent" parts being pretty racist?!

The clip, "16 Types of People at Sentosa" is actually amusing for some. And not for others.

Like this hunterthompsyn who 1 day ago commented that: "foreign talent" parts were pretty racist. To which wahbanana immediately responded: Hi hunterthompsyn, we're sincerely sorry you find the gag offensive. When we came up with the gag we only did so with the intention of getting some laughs and hoped that people wouldn't take the humour to heart as we didn't portray any negative aspects. We now understand that it may not have been in the best taste but we hope you can look past that and understand that we meant no ill will. The Wah!Banana team respects people of all races and cultures, we will ensure this doesn't happen again.

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