Monday, October 28, 2013

Clogged Kitchen Drain?! HELP!!

Okay. So the last few nights have been very taxing for me. The kitchen drain clogged! This is the drain which shares the same line with the drain for my washing machine. Everytime I washed the dishes and/or washed the clothes, the water will overflow from the drain (nearest to the washing machine). I have spent money and time to hunt for the best chemical to help resolve the clog.

My colleague highly recommended me "Super Power Clog Remover" (or is it "Superb 9". Priced at $16, he said, but I had little luck to locate it. So I tried with other chemicals (as per one of the photo below), but I had little luck with the choke.

Eventually I got that "Superb 9 Super Power Clog Remover" given by the helpful colleague of mine, but alas, the clog was still not able to resolve.

I admitted defeat & called for a plumber. One Mr. Kenny Pang (90021515)--from "Goodwill Plumbing & Sanitary Enterprise"--answered & sent his team of three plumbers at short notice. They are professional alright, with the right tools & the right approach of their work, that is to say, they traced the line & identified the choke by hammering the line & compared it with the line with has no problem. You can hear the difference indeed.

Also a machine was used to pump out the pressurized water (3.5 bar) right into the line. Thereafter a manual plunger (?) was used to insert into the line & to push clear the choke. It is solved. Well, with the warranty for 2 weeks I do sincerely hope there will be no problem! Especially as the whole thing (work of about 2 hours with the use of 3 plumbers) cost me $330. Heh. Somehow I feel the money serves as a good costly lesson to me: do my own maintenance regularly to avoid this problem to repeat!

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