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of UTOPIA Festival brings 14 paintings to life

About UTOPIA Festival:
UTOPIA Festival is the first of its kind in Singapore to focus solely on interactive arts, which itself is an exciting new medium whereby viewers take an active level of participation in the artistic product. At the end of the day, this Festival is all about connections – connecting the old with the new; connecting emerging artists with emerging technologies; and connecting individuals with other individuals to form the beautiful mosaic that is a community.

UOB Painting of the Year Reimagined

1 - 10 November 2013
UOB Plaza 1 Atrium and Lobby, 80 Raffles Place S048624
Atrium: Open 24 hours

Lobby: Weekdays 9am – 6pm, Saturday 9am-12 noon
Admission is free

A fresh perspective has been given to 14 art pieces from previous UOB Painting of the Year competitions.

UOB Painting of the Year Re-imagined is part of the UTOPIA Festival 2013, which focuses on interactive arts.

The 14 art pieces on display at the event have been digitally deconstructed and re-imagined to provide an interactive experience to visitors.

Mr Erzan Adam’s painting is among the art pieces featured at the event.

He painted it in 2001, but now, he is seeing his art piece again -- and this time, elements in his painting are moving and accompanied by music.

Mr Erzan, the winner of UOB Painting of the Year 2001, said: "I (painted) this many years ago. And I'm actually over with the painting already, because it's done.

“But then with this digitalising, and when you enlarge it and when it's zooming in -- it shows the layers, which are some aspects of the painting that I haven't really looked at.

“So it gives a refreshed perspective, looking at my old painting. "

For 18-year-old Esmond Loh, winning the competition last year has helped him as an aspiring artist.

Esmond Loh, winner of the UOB Painting of the Year 2012, said: "Winning the competition has given me more opportunities for sure. It has given me the recognition that I need. And of course, the prize money for me to invest in more art supplies, and canvases and paint, and a digital camera for me to actually pursue, continue my passion in the arts."

Organisers said the attempt at making the event an interactive experience is aimed at getting people involved in the arts.

Jessica Hii, director, UTOPIA Festival, said: "The aim is to get the people to gather… the community to gather. So everyone that's an artist, you, myself, the designers, everyone that wants to get involved -- we want to focus on the making of art, the journey when they create art, and have everyone enjoy the final product."

The UTOPIA Festival will run until November 10 at the Boat Quay Promenade.
From Channel NewsAsia, "UTOPIA Festival brings 14 paintings to life".

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