Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Giant Burger vs Little Girl (Or this post is NOT sponsored by Burger King!)


Monday, April 28, 2014

The Seaside Motel

Partially watched this movie, "THE SEASIDE MOTEL シーサイドモーテル" yesterday at Hello! Japan TV channel. Well, the movie is based on Yukio Okada's manga "Motel". So I was pleasantly when I encountered this free movie at the YouTube, "The Seaside Motel 2010 full movie english subtitle".

Here's the synopsis:
This is a story about one night in a motel. People from different walks of life gather at the "Seaside Motel". All the guests are curious why it is called "Seaside Motel" since it is located in the mountains and no sea is found anywhere near. The motel guests are in one way or another eccentric in character, and in one way or another, seem to be unhappy and unlucky. In each room, strange incidents and unexpected oincidences occur. Gradually, each story unravels, the paths of the characters cross and the stories interweave as the nigh nears the end. When the sun rises, as each hope for their dose of happiness, will they be able to find "the sea" in the "Seaside Motel" surrounded by the mountains? Come spend one night at the "Seaside Motel" and it is sure to bring laughter and a little dose of happiness...

You can read the review of the movie: here and here. Partially quoted:

Masayuki (Ikuta Toma) is a failing salesman, forced to this backwoods hellhole to peddle fake skin cream. He is not to return home until he has sold his entire suitcase of samples, but is suffering from a serious crisis of conscience and self-confidence. His evening turns from tedious to titillating however, when call girl Candy (Aso Kumiko) mistakenly turns up at his door and the pair seem to make a rare, genuine connection. Candy was meant to go upstairs, where grocery store manager Katsutoshi (Furuta Arata) had ordered in some much-needed relief to aid his marital boredom. His plan backfires, however, when his wife (Kojima Hijiri) dresses him in drag before taking off for the evening, threatening to divorce him if he changes.

In the room next-door, insufferable gambler Yosuke (Yamada Takayuki) is hiding out with his girlfriend (Narumi Riko), after running out on a ¥30 million debt. It is not long before the yakuza track him down, in the form of Yosuke's old childhood buddy Toshio (Tamayama Tetsuji) and his clueless lieutenant (Emoto Tokio). The fourth room plays host to scheming wannabe playboy Tatsuya (Ikeda Tetsuhiro) and the agonisingly high maintenance nightclub girl, Marin (Yamasaki Mami) he has finally convinced to come away with him.


What the film lacks in originality it compensates in style, warmth and overall fun. There are some pretty amusing characters and some nifty coincidences that will raise a fair few smiles along the way. Fans of the genre should definitely feel right at home amongst the colorful cast and events on display here.

It's fun really. I like how the scene at the (real) seaside is transformed to the painting. It explains about the 'couple' alright. Heh.

Honey, this Singapore Tourism Board's Horrid Promo Vid

Saw this parody clip, "Honey, Look! (Parody)" and right away I recall the video it's inspired from, "Singapore Tourism Board's Horrid Promo Vid". Heh.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dream Girl (or kiss me & you'd get a radio!)

OK. The title of the wonderful Short Film is "Dream Girl (a short film)" by Storyteller Productions. The title is not "Dream Girl (or kiss me & you'd get a radio!)". Heh.

I just can't resist the made-up part in the brackets, though. See, earlier I (like many others who are bedazzled by the Dream Girl--I mean the Girl alright!) would be taking this screenshot of the short film to justify my, uhm, bedazzlement (?). Heh.

"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight."

And I even manage to resist lampooning the fantastic short film by focusing solely on the comic acts of these characters. Heh.

What I would like to focus is something perhaps irrelevant to the whole plot, but I suspect it may have a significance somehow: the radio.

Girl: "See this nice radio? Nice, right? It's yours...if you kiss me!"

But really, is that the same radio shown in the following screenshot? If what the Bobby Tonelli's character said "you can't dream of a person you've never met before, your brain doesn't make up faces" is indeed right, surely the same logic applies for the song right? As in "you can't dream of a song you've never heard before, your brain doesn't make up tunes". Ergo, the protagonist could have heard the song "Rather Be" from the very same radio in his office? Hmm...

PS. This Short Film is indeed very much thought-provoking alright! Enough that it compels me to participate in the Comment section of the video. Heh.

This is Condensation ~ a creative graffiti in Singapore Library


Monday, April 21, 2014

Khoo Seok Wan Singapore early Poet ... and Reformist too!

Khoo Seok Wan Singapore early poet. Saw his calligraphy & poems at Woodlands Regional Library today. Featuring three of his works: "A Letter to Lee Choon Seng", "Relocating" and "Making Ink to My Wife's Boudoir".

Khoo Seok Wan (born 1874) is one of Singapore’s literary pioneers. He is not only remembered as a prolific literary giant, having penned over 1,000 poems, but also as the main player of the reformist movement in early Singapore. Khoo is also believed to be the person who first popularised the name ‘Sin Chew’ (literally meaning ‘Starry Island’) to refer to Singapore. In this exhibition, Khoo Seok Wan: Poet and Reformist, visitors will be able to explore these two elements of Khoo’s colourful life and through that a vignette of Singapore’s early history. On display are rare documents like handwritten manuscripts of poems by Khoo, couplet with the seal of the Guangxu emperor (reign 1875-1908) and letters from Kang Youwei, leader of the reform movement of 1898 in China. To appreciate Khoo’s literary output, visitors will be able, with the help of audio-visual displays, to listen to his poems recited in Mandarin and in Hokkien, with English translations. Come and discover in this exhibition, why Khoo Seok Wan has earned the esteemed title of ‘Master Poet of the South’.

From National Library Board, "Khoo Seok Wan: Poet and Reformist 浪漫与革新:南侨诗宗邱菽园".

Haiku: Nature vs Construction?!

Just in the name of...PROGRESS??
Give me back: Nature!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 sure?

Cute ad. Saw it at the SMRT station & cannot help but to snap it. F&N Fruit Tree Fresh Yuzu Mixed Juice Drink is the latest addition to the F&N Fruit Tree Fresh range. More about the fruit "Yuzu" can be read here.

Candid Shot: Studious Sweet Students at Library


Monday, April 14, 2014

of League of Angels

I was browsing the Net when I came upon the ad of this game, "League of Angels". Fantastic artwork.

So I tried to find out more about the game, but I encountered these 2 "official" (?) websites of the game. Hmm. Well both feature wonderful artworks too, though.

PS. The review doesn't seem to be too good on this game.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

of the old cyclist ignoring the rule of no cycling while the boy is silently watching...


Sunday, April 06, 2014

Another Erhu live performance at Sembawang MRT bicycle station???

Yeah, remember this post about the live performance? Apparently there was another one! This time by a different artist & he too was equally lost in the world of, uhm, erhu (?) while performing the music. Heh.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Google Maps Pokémon Challenge

Heh. Cute April Fool's Day prank, Google! ;)

PS. Also read TIME, "Google HQ Is Now a Pokémon Lab, and Google Maps Has Been Overrun" & Pokemon April Fools Wiki.

of Shoppers and ... a sweeper?!?!