Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dream Girl (or kiss me & you'd get a radio!)

OK. The title of the wonderful Short Film is "Dream Girl (a short film)" by Storyteller Productions. The title is not "Dream Girl (or kiss me & you'd get a radio!)". Heh.

I just can't resist the made-up part in the brackets, though. See, earlier I (like many others who are bedazzled by the Dream Girl--I mean the Girl alright!) would be taking this screenshot of the short film to justify my, uhm, bedazzlement (?). Heh.

"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight."

And I even manage to resist lampooning the fantastic short film by focusing solely on the comic acts of these characters. Heh.

What I would like to focus is something perhaps irrelevant to the whole plot, but I suspect it may have a significance somehow: the radio.

Girl: "See this nice radio? Nice, right? It's yours...if you kiss me!"

But really, is that the same radio shown in the following screenshot? If what the Bobby Tonelli's character said "you can't dream of a person you've never met before, your brain doesn't make up faces" is indeed right, surely the same logic applies for the song right? As in "you can't dream of a song you've never heard before, your brain doesn't make up tunes". Ergo, the protagonist could have heard the song "Rather Be" from the very same radio in his office? Hmm...

PS. This Short Film is indeed very much thought-provoking alright! Enough that it compels me to participate in the Comment section of the video. Heh.

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