Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Singapore's Gambling Problem Problem (HBO)

Check this out: "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Singapore's Gambling Problem Problem (HBO)". Hilarious. I like the part when the other 2 kids said, "Shut up, Andy!"...LOL. In the latest episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the comedian talks about ungrateful Andy, before showing some parodies of the ad, this time with 'Andy' talking about his father betting on American football and even predicting that Ryan Gosling will impregnate Eva Mendes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The student is being sexy and comfortable ... in the library?


Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Panda Kai Kai at River Safari Singapore


Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Here is what I'd hope as a win-win situation. Interested in the deal below offered for UOB cardholders but you happen not to have the credit card? Drop a note in the "Comment" with your email address and I'd contact you. What the special price shown in the UOB website is what you'd pay. Not a single cent more! So why am I doing this, you may ask. Well, just because I find that I hardly utilize my card & by doing this I can anyway earn a little point.

This offer is valid till 1 Sept 2014, but do take note that the tickets are limited.


UOB has secured exclusive Formula 1® combination packages for Cardmembers at this year 2014 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX taking place at the Marina Bay Street Circuit on 19-21 September. The special Combination Packages will enable you to experience different parts of the Marina Bay Street Circuit over each of the three days.

You can choose from 3 types of 3-Day Combination Packages: Package A, Package D, Package F. The prices reflect savings of 10% (for Package A), 14.3% (for Package D ) and 16.7% (for Package F) off the regular price. The regular prices for Package A, Package D and Package F are S$988, S$698 and S$598 respectively. Tickets are limited.

*All Zone 1 ticketholders are able to transit through Zone 3 to get to Zone 4, and vice versa. They can also access the undercroft of the Bay Grandstand to enjoy the food and beverage offerings. However, only Bay Grandstand ticketholders can get onto the Bay Grandstand.

Terms and conditions:
• Offer valid till 1 September 2014, or until UOB Cardmembers' Exclusive Formula 1® 3-Day Combination Packages sell out. Tickets are limited.
• Offer is valid only via UOB website.
• Payment must be made with UOB Credit/Debit Card.
• UOB assumes no liability or responsibility for the acts or defaults of the merchant, or defects in the goods and services offered in the promotion.
• UOB is not an agent of the merchant.
• All feedback regarding quality and services should be directed at the merchant.
• UOB reserves the right to vary or amend the terms and conditions governing the offers at any time.
• Other terms and conditions apply.

Behold, the Kings of Fruits reign in Chong Pang


Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Hot Filipino woman inspired by "She's The One" posts video of her dream guy and asks help from netizens to meet him...

Check this out, "Filipino woman wants your help to find her handsome dream guy -- whom she spotted on the MRT". And no, this is not an ad by SMRT. It's more about a stalker-wannabe, one Ms. Harlene Azuela (the sweet stalker in the 1st screenshot below) who posted a courageous video proclaiming her feelings for the guy, who caught her eye on the MRT. The guy's identity was then revealed as "He Who Does Not Like to be Stalked". Just take a look at the 2nd screenshot below showing his face expression.

Harlene Azuela, reportedly a pharmaceutical company manager based in Singapore, is urging netizens to help her look for her dream guy she spotted at the MRT in the city. Many netizens praised Azuela for being brave enough to post the video and look for her dream guy. However, there are those who bashed her for doing so, insinuating that she is trying to get some attention. Others have expressed disgust because if the guy is married with kids or has a commitment, the post might affect the relationship. As of posting, there are no information that confirms Azuela has found her dream guy in the train.

I personally find this video suspicious. If she was really into tracking the guy, she should have mentioned more details about the train. For example, the train is on the way to Jurong East MRT station or some other clues like that. The timing too may help. Or did she notice him when he first came onboard? Or was it the other way around as in the guy had been there earlier than her. Anyway...

Unfortunately for this Filipino woman, whose video appeal on a handsome MRT commuter went viral, it seems a happy reunion is not on the cards.

A Facebook user who claims to know the man told citizen journalism site Stomp that he already has a girlfriend.

The friend added that the man is a nice guy and is happily attached to a Malay-Singaporean.

The Filipino woman, Ms Harlene Azuela, had previously posted a courageous video proclaiming her feelings for the guy, who caught her eye on the MRT.

Featuring a 30-second recording of him, the video went viral and has been reshared more than a thousand times on Facebook and on content-sharing sites like All Singapore Stuff since last year.

In the video, Ms Azuela said she was inspired by Star Cinema's She's The One, a Filipino romantic-comedy which revolves around a similar plot.

In the movie, a guy had spotted a girl fixing her car in the rain and was immediately entranced by her, posting a video of her it on social media titled "Girl in the Rain".

It went viral and after a series of events, the lovers found their way to each other.

However, it appears life really isn't like the movies and Ms Azuela will not be getting the same ending.
From Asiaone, "Handsome commuter in Filipina's viral video has a S'porean girlfriend".