Monday, June 29, 2015

Kox Koh the enterprising Carousell user who sells NDP tickets online may not even be a Singaporean??

Google for 'kox koh' and you'd come across to this Wikipedia entry, "Kokh Kox" which states that Kokh Kox (or Koh, as pronounced in Noon) is the creator god of the Noon people. And what is 'Noon people'? Well, the Serer-Noon also called Noon (sometimes spelt Non or None) are an ethnic people who occupy western Senegal. (I'm so dependent of Wikipedia. Heh.)

So is this just coincident or perhaps the online seller "kox koh" is not a Singaporean, but some Senegal scammer who tries to cheat the potential buyer with fictitious tickets?

I am so looking forward to seeing how the police can track this "kox koh". Then again, this may not be a crime itself so there may not be police involvement in cracking the case & unearth the bugger. Searching online for "selling ndp tickets illegally", I came across this Straits Times article, "NDP tickets this year available online - illegally" (21/06/2012) which said that if found to be involved in 'unauthorised distribution', sellers will be barred from participating in the ticket ballot for three years. That kind of penalty is not harsh enough, I guess.

Another article by Asiaone, "Debtor selling 6 balloted NDP tickets at $120 each" (10/07/2013) has the seller quoted to say:

"You say that selling is illegal, but what about the one who's buying? Would there be sellers if there isn't a demand for these tickets? This has been going on for many years now, and every year, there are as many buyers as there are sellers," he said.

"If I put the tickets up for sale but no one buys, I will be stuck with them in the end. I can't force people to buy the tickets. This will just keep happening every year."

That is so true. So why don't we have a punishment system not just for the seller of the NDP tickets but also for the buyer?! And please, to bar (both seller and buyer) from participating in the ticket ballot for three years is not really that deterring, for sure.

Just see the relevant Facebook page on this subject so far 1 commentator openly expressed his interest to buy. See? As long as the buyers do not feel it's wrong to purchase the NDP tickets, there will always be sellers. In short, I strongly suggest to start punishing the buyers as well.

- MSN, "The Singapore Golden Jubilee Black Market: NDP And Other Tickets Sold On Carousell".

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Singapore's very own "Le Transporteur" lah!

Facepalm. The guy's act can easily earn him the easy drive to stardom! Heh. With a BMW, he was illegally sneaking through the checkpoint and only after 2 hours, the long arm of the law eventually nabbed him.

I'd love to imagine the following speech/thought took place in the photo. With 4 references to the car-related movies. For sure you can tell the corresponding shows. Grin.

- Asiaone, "Man with 110 boxes arrested for not stopping at Tuas Checkpoint".

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

View from the Avenue of Stars - Hong Kong

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On the wings of love...(or I hope to start my own collection of Aircraft Wings View Photography)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

of Mr Woo Wing Onn apologizing to the cyclist and yet still publicly shaming the cyclist when the video uploaded to STOMP?!

I am puzzled. Is this guy Mr Woo Wing Onn for real?? He drove so haphazardly close to the cyclist in front of him. And he came into contact with the cyclist when the latter stopped his bicycle because this driver Mr Woo was just so very close behind. He apologized, and yet the police still came (to be fair, the article below did not really reveal whether Mr Woo himself called the police. I guess the caller could have also been his wife. Unlikely the cyclist, though, because he was busy lifting his bicycle & slamming it onto the car. Reckon the cyclist must have turned green when he did it while roaring "UNGER SMASH!"...)

Yet despite the apology, this Mr Woo still uploaded the video to STOMP to publicly shame the cyclist?? Something is amiss here. Very much contradicting, isn't it? You apologize, but you still upload the video with ill intent to shame the cyclist for a road rage that could have been prevented in the first place if you as the driver was not driving your car so close behind the cyclist.

I am sure the cyclist has learnt his lesson. Instead of damaging his own bicycle by slamming it onto some stupid drivers' cars. He should just mutter a mantra repeatedly like, "Stupid car also another one". Or perhaps to install a video camera on his helmet (I assume he has a helmet like a proper cyclist's one) so that he himself can upload a video to STOMP to publicly shame the driver.

- MSN, "Cyclist fined $2,500 for hurling bicycle at car".

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Tuesday, June 09, 2015

of Vicky Zhao's eyes causing 'mental anguish'

Vicki Zhao is reported to cause a mental anguish to a man through the television screen? What an incredible news! The poor guy must have gotten lost in Vicki Zhao's eyes and got weak in a glance.

(Oh wait...I am definitely influence by this catchy song, "Lost In Your Eyes".)

I really am curious to see if the guy's complaint to a court in Pudong will ever become a legal suit. If the guy is actually a hardcore fan of hers, he might have devised the whole newsworthy case to bring Vicki Zhao back to the limelight.

For sure I'd love to re-watch some of the shows (TV series or movies) which she was starring in. Heh.

Vicki Zhao in "My Fair Princess"

Vicki Zhao in "Mulan: Rise of a Warrior"

Vicki Zhao in "14 Blades"

- Asiaone, "Zhao's eyes causing 'mental anguish'".

Sunday, June 07, 2015

of Americans Taste Test Singaporean Food

Check out thic clip, "Americans Taste Test Singaporean Food", namely char kway teow, cendol, laksa, and Hainanese chicken rice. It was uploaded 2 days ago on 5 June, and it has since gathered impressive 894,674 views! Heh.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Will Emcee Sharon Au end the SEA Games with "Thank You (name of country), Come Again"?

Perhaps Sharon Au just recently enjoyed a movie marathon of Harold & Kumar? Especially the part of the 1st movie, "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" involving one of the Extreme Sports Punks mocking Kumar with his "Thank You, Come Again" with a strong Indian accent.

This is real life, however, and for sure trying to be funny like in the movie will just earn you a label of 'racist'. Hope Sharon Au learn her lesson.

On a separate note, this is the second time I've made the reference to the movie Harold & Kumar (But for clarification, though, the earlier post, "Racism is only funny in..."Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay". Not in the real world...or in the blogosphere" has nothing to do with Sharon Au.)

Anyway as expected Sharon Au is quick to apologize just one day after the incident. Whether the apology is accepted or not, I guess only time shall tell. Meanwhile, the forum like HWZ Forums, "Sharon Au might have said something quite inappropriate just before the SEA GAMES 2015 Opening Ceremony" has been bustling with comments (mostly negative) about the episode.

A little surprise too that Sharon Au has been featured No.1 at Yahoo! for "Trending Now". She's gaining tremendous publicity, alright.

The glittering SEA Games opening ceremony on Friday night seems to be marred by a spot of controversy.

Emcee Sharon Au could have ruffled some feathers with an inappropriate exchange with a young member of the audience during the ceremony's pre-show segment.

Journalist Bhavan Jaipragas, who was covering the event, posted about the incident on his Facebook page.

A Facebook post about Sharon Au's inappropriate comment.

Au and her fellow emcees, Chua Enlai and Nikki Muller, were trying to encourage audience members to say the phrase “Hello [name of country], welcome to Singapore” to welcome the overseas delegates as they marched into the stadium.

"In an audience interaction segment before the start of the SEA Games opening ceremony at the National Stadium, emcee Sharon Au approached an Indian girl seated in the stands. The girl did not perform the act as instructed (as did others before her). Au, speaking into a mike and with the cameras trained on her, shockingly put on a strong Indian accent, and while shaking her head from right to left asked the girl: 'What (Vat) happened? What happened?'” he wrote.

Bhavan also added that Au made fun of the girl’s name.

News agency AFP said Au "asked a small, ethnic Indian girl in the crowd to speak, and then mocked her accent".

The exchange happened at about 7.45pm, before the live broadcast of the SEA Games opening ceremony.

Yahoo Singapore understands that the SEA Games organising committee (SINGSOC) is aware of the incident and has contacted them for a response.
From Yahoo! News, "Did SEA Games emcee make racist comment before opening ceremony?".

A presenter at Singapore's Southeast Asian (SEA) Games' opening ceremony has apologised after she shocked onlookers by mocking a small, ethnic Indian girl about her accent.

TV personality and actress Sharon Au prompted a minor outcry after she approached the girl, who was sitting in the crowd with an older man, presumably her father.

"What (vat) happened, what happened?" she laughed, wobbling her head from side to side, after the girl stumbled as she tried to repeat a line welcoming athletes to the Games.

Au, who is ethnic Chinese, also teased the girl about her name, Kavya, calling her "caviar" instead.

The actress insisted her comments at Friday's ceremony were merely an attempt at humour as she apologised for the exchange.

"Some of you may have watched the pre-show and heard my attempt at mimicking an Indian accent," she posted on her Facebook page.

"It was intended to be comic but in hindsight I realise how insensitive it was. I sincerely apologise to those whom I've inadvertently offended."

Au is a well-known personality in Singapore who has been cast to play the wife of late strongman leader Lee Kuan Yew, who died in March, in "The LKY Musical".

Singapore, which is 74 percent ethnic Chinese, 13 percent Malay and nine percent Indian, has strict laws on stirring communal tensions after bloody race riots in the 1960s.

The ceremony incident drew a strong response on social media as the 11-nation, 36-sport SEA Games got underway with its first full day of competition on Saturday.

"A great start destroyed by a single racist act from host Sharon Au. Will we ever learn?" posted one Twitter user.
From MSN News, "SEA Games: Ceremony host sorry for 'insensitive' comment".

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Fight back to school...of fish

Monday, June 01, 2015

of Superstitions of South East Asia #YTFF

What a hilarious clip, "Superstitions of South East Asia #YTFF". Check it out!

I especially am amused with the skit by LASTDAY Production, about the Indonesian superstition on how when taking a photo (not necessarily just a selfie), it must not take the photo of three persons at one time because the person who is at the middle is supposedly be dead.

Upon further googling, I come to this site, "Superstitions of Indonesia" and this specific entry does not really specify the number 'three', just to avoid 'odd numbers' when taking a photo.
Avoid taking pictures with odd-numbers of people present as this would result in the quick death of one of them.

Heh. Interesting.