Monday, June 29, 2015

Kox Koh the enterprising Carousell user who sells NDP tickets online may not even be a Singaporean??

Google for 'kox koh' and you'd come across to this Wikipedia entry, "Kokh Kox" which states that Kokh Kox (or Koh, as pronounced in Noon) is the creator god of the Noon people. And what is 'Noon people'? Well, the Serer-Noon also called Noon (sometimes spelt Non or None) are an ethnic people who occupy western Senegal. (I'm so dependent of Wikipedia. Heh.)

So is this just coincident or perhaps the online seller "kox koh" is not a Singaporean, but some Senegal scammer who tries to cheat the potential buyer with fictitious tickets?

I am so looking forward to seeing how the police can track this "kox koh". Then again, this may not be a crime itself so there may not be police involvement in cracking the case & unearth the bugger. Searching online for "selling ndp tickets illegally", I came across this Straits Times article, "NDP tickets this year available online - illegally" (21/06/2012) which said that if found to be involved in 'unauthorised distribution', sellers will be barred from participating in the ticket ballot for three years. That kind of penalty is not harsh enough, I guess.

Another article by Asiaone, "Debtor selling 6 balloted NDP tickets at $120 each" (10/07/2013) has the seller quoted to say:

"You say that selling is illegal, but what about the one who's buying? Would there be sellers if there isn't a demand for these tickets? This has been going on for many years now, and every year, there are as many buyers as there are sellers," he said.

"If I put the tickets up for sale but no one buys, I will be stuck with them in the end. I can't force people to buy the tickets. This will just keep happening every year."

That is so true. So why don't we have a punishment system not just for the seller of the NDP tickets but also for the buyer?! And please, to bar (both seller and buyer) from participating in the ticket ballot for three years is not really that deterring, for sure.

Just see the relevant Facebook page on this subject so far 1 commentator openly expressed his interest to buy. See? As long as the buyers do not feel it's wrong to purchase the NDP tickets, there will always be sellers. In short, I strongly suggest to start punishing the buyers as well.

- MSN, "The Singapore Golden Jubilee Black Market: NDP And Other Tickets Sold On Carousell".

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