Tuesday, June 16, 2015

of Mr Woo Wing Onn apologizing to the cyclist and yet still publicly shaming the cyclist when the video uploaded to STOMP?!

I am puzzled. Is this guy Mr Woo Wing Onn for real?? He drove so haphazardly close to the cyclist in front of him. And he came into contact with the cyclist when the latter stopped his bicycle because this driver Mr Woo was just so very close behind. He apologized, and yet the police still came (to be fair, the article below did not really reveal whether Mr Woo himself called the police. I guess the caller could have also been his wife. Unlikely the cyclist, though, because he was busy lifting his bicycle & slamming it onto the car. Reckon the cyclist must have turned green when he did it while roaring "UNGER SMASH!"...)

Yet despite the apology, this Mr Woo still uploaded the video to STOMP to publicly shame the cyclist?? Something is amiss here. Very much contradicting, isn't it? You apologize, but you still upload the video with ill intent to shame the cyclist for a road rage that could have been prevented in the first place if you as the driver was not driving your car so close behind the cyclist.

I am sure the cyclist has learnt his lesson. Instead of damaging his own bicycle by slamming it onto some stupid drivers' cars. He should just mutter a mantra repeatedly like, "Stupid car also another one". Or perhaps to install a video camera on his helmet (I assume he has a helmet like a proper cyclist's one) so that he himself can upload a video to STOMP to publicly shame the driver.

- MSN, "Cyclist fined $2,500 for hurling bicycle at car".

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