Tuesday, June 09, 2015

of Vicky Zhao's eyes causing 'mental anguish'

Vicki Zhao is reported to cause a mental anguish to a man through the television screen? What an incredible news! The poor guy must have gotten lost in Vicki Zhao's eyes and got weak in a glance.

(Oh wait...I am definitely influence by this catchy song, "Lost In Your Eyes".)

I really am curious to see if the guy's complaint to a court in Pudong will ever become a legal suit. If the guy is actually a hardcore fan of hers, he might have devised the whole newsworthy case to bring Vicki Zhao back to the limelight.

For sure I'd love to re-watch some of the shows (TV series or movies) which she was starring in. Heh.

Vicki Zhao in "My Fair Princess"

Vicki Zhao in "Mulan: Rise of a Warrior"

Vicki Zhao in "14 Blades"

- Asiaone, "Zhao's eyes causing 'mental anguish'".

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