Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Identity of Bersih Girl Revealed...'d just be a matter of time, really. C'mon. Surely there are people who will recognize the girl who was portrayed in the Bersih 4.0 T-Shirt. Asiaone, "Organisers seeing red over 'Bersih girl' viral photo" has the Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin Abdullah said that people should focus on the bigger picture. Of the rally. Not of the girl. Yes. Indeed. Heh.

In the Greater Malaysia article, "‘Bersih Girl’ Gets Bersih 4.0 In A ‘Hot Mess’" has a comment raised by one Bernard Long (stated to be) the Director at Finexsys Sdn Bhd:
"What is wrong with the picture of a lovely girl that is in no way salacious. What is obscene is Malaysian politics."

That may seem right. But his comment was replied by one Daniel Lee (stated to be from) RMIT University:
"Not sure if you're just dense or acting self-righteous.

I don't hide behind lies and deceit, I'll admit that I see that pose as salacious as it can ever be.

Consider this; how about a frontal shot, smilling >gleefully<, arms cutely tucked on the sides, perhaps even sporting a peace sign feels much more genuine than this, yes? In fact, since when was Bersih about modelling lol? I hope you understand the subtle implications shown through body language, because that picture; mouth slightly open and puckered, seducing smile, arms raised as she ties her hair messily (who the hell ties their hair messily anyway), is sending off only one signal to me. Trust me, I'm an artist. I draw girls in multiple emotions and gestures. And that's one I'd draw for a porno-mag."

Well, I am not sure if any of the readers (artists or otherwise) agree with him. Whatever it is, the viral photo sure makes it to the news and has brought more attention about the Bersih event. In a sense, it is truly a good publicity.

Although I wonder that until now the identity of the Bersih Girl has not yet revealed? Meanwhile Hardwarezone Forum has supposedly actual picture of the Bersih Girl. The tattoo might have for the identification exercise? Hur hur.

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