Wednesday, December 30, 2015

An X-Wing Starfighter at Changi Airport!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

of Lee Wai Leong charged with killing a cat

If he is proven guilty, Lee Wai Leong has to be punished by being thrown out from a 13th floor of an HDB block--yes, the very same location where he allegedly threw a cat from. "An eye for an eye", though brutal as it may seem, could be just what is needed to give a clear, strong message that the act of cruelty against animal is NEVER excusable & a harsh punishment MUST be taken against the culprit.

Yes, we mean it. "An eye for an eye", pls!

- Straits Times, "40-year-old man charged with throwing cat down 13 floors in Yishun".
- MSN, "Cat killer caught, charged in court".

Friday, December 25, 2015

of ISIS Threatens To Kidnap Iraq’s Beauty Queen

Reading about how the so-called supporter or ISIS threatened to kidnap Miss Iraq, I can't help but thinking about one episode of South Park, "Naughty Ninjas" in which the children are mistakenly reported that they are joining ISIS even though they are just playing ninjas. Heh. Seriously back about the article, the so-called supporter of ISIS must be, uhm, a kid because he wants the Miss Iraq to join the group's ranks (and if she refuses, she shall be kidnapped). I mean, where's the logic in that?? Why ISIS needs a beauty pageant winner?!

South Park "Scary ISIS Ninjas"

- MSN, "ISIS Threatens To Kidnap Iraq’s Beauty Queen".

Thursday, December 24, 2015

of Somalia, Tajikistan and Brunei ban Christmas celebrations

When the director general of Somalia's religious affairs ministry Sheikh Mohamed Khayrow claimed that Christmas celebrations can damage the faith of the Muslim community, one just cannot help to wonder if the faith of the Muslim community is that fragile?! I don't think so & I hope Sheik's view is not echoed by others. So far, though, there are 3 Muslim-majority countries which had issued a ban on Christmas celebrations: Somalia, Tajikistan & Brunei.

- MSN, "Somalia and Brunei ban Christmas celebrations".
- Guardian, "Christmas celebrations banned in Somalia, Tajikistan and Brunei".

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This Red Rhino Doesn't Give You Wings!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

As I walked past, I silently wondered why this statue of the Laughing Buddha was abandoned...

of Afterword of the Novel "Pines" - Blake Crouch pays tribute to Twin Peaks

These days I must admit I have lost my ability to lose myself in one good book and read it from the start to the end. Sigh. I don't really know why. So I'm pleased to realize that the novel "Pines" reminds me the joy of able (yay!) to maintain the momentum to read, read, and read. Perhaps it's because before I consume the book, I had just finished watching the 10-episode of "Wayward Pines", the TV series which are based on the Wayward Pines novel by Blake Crouch.

What also impressed me most is the "Afterword" of the novel of which the author pays tribute to...TWIN PEAKS! The other TV series that had (and still does) puzzled me. Oh and guess what, TWIN PEAKS will be having a new 18 episodes target to broadcast in 2016! Till then stay tune & check for any update at "Welcome to Twin Peaks". Heh.

Anyway, here's the "Afterword" of the novel "Pines" reproduced as follows (and yes, Blake Crouch really has to be proud that his own creation has a wonderful magic of its own. I am truly waiting for the Season 2 of "Wayward Pines", but alas, as according to Seriable, "Wayward Pines Cancelled By FOX After One Season"...):

On April 8, 1990, the pilot episode of Mark Frost and David Lynch's iconic television series Twin Peaks aired on ABC, and for a moment, the mystery of Who Killed Laura Palmer? held America transfixed. I was twelve at the time, and I will never forget the feeling that took hold of me as I watched this quirky show about a creepy town with damn fine coffee and brilliant cherry pie, where nothing was as it seemed.

Twin Peaks was ultimately cancelled, the brilliant director and actors went on to do other things, but the undeniable magic present in those early episodes still haunts me two decades later. Shows like Northern Exposure, Picket Fences, The X-Files, and Lost occasionally veered into that eerily beautiful creepines that defined Twin Peaks, but for the most part, for this fan at least, nothing else has ever come close.

They say all art--whether books, music, or visual--is a reaction to other art, and I believe that to be true. As good as Twin Peaks was, the nature of the show, in particular how abruptly and prematurely it ended, left me massively unsatisfied. Shortly after the show was cancelled, I was so heartbroken I even tried to write its mythical third season, not for anyone but myself, just so I could continue the experience.

That effort failed, as did numerous other attempts as I matured, both as a person and a writer, to recapture the feeling my twelve-year-old self had experienced back in 1990.

Pines is the culmination of my efforts, now spanning twenty years, to create something that makes me feel the way Twin Peaks did. In no way am I suggesting that Pines is as good as Lynch's masterpiece, or even something that is likely to take you back to the feeling of that series. The show was so utterly its own thing that any attempt to recreate its aura would be inherently doomed to fail. But I feel the need to express how much Pines is inspired by Lynch's creation of a small town in the middle of nowhere--beautiful on the outside, but with a pitch-black underbelly.

Pines would never have come about, and I may never have become a writer, if my parents hadn't let me stay up late on Thursday nights, that spring of 1990, to watch a show the likes of which we will never see again.

So thanks, Mom and Dad. Thanks, Mr. Lynch and Mr. Frost. And of course, the inimitable Agent Dale Cooper.

Pines is not Twin Peaks, not by a long shot, but it wouldn't be here without it.

I hope you enjoyed my show.

Blake Crouch
Durango, Colorado
August 2012