Sunday, January 31, 2016

"The motion was passed - without those who had originally moved it."

I fall in love with Janice Heng. Yes. I am so entertained by her way of writing the article, "How the WP's NCMP motion was turned around by PAP". And her closing sentence of the article is just superb & aptly reflects to the irony of the situation: "The motion was passed - without those who had originally moved it." At first glance, the sentence does reek of paradox, doesn't it?

And all the drama is due to the Workers' Party candidate Ms Lee Li Lian who lost her Punggol East seat at the 2015 General Election, but had the highest vote percentage among the losing opposition candidates with 48.23 per cent of votes, making her eligible for an NCMP seat, but alas she declined to take up the position. She was once quoted to say: "Majority of the voters in Punggol East decided to not give me the mandate after 2.5 years, and we must respect this. The NCMP role is better suited for an aspiring MP who has no such experience and should take this up to show how he/she can contribute in Parliament".

I find it puzzling how she seems to conclude that a full-time MP cannot become a full-time NCMP. Whether you're an MP or an NCMP, if you are full time devoting your effort for the cause that you believe in, I reckon that is what really makes the difference. For me, Ms Lee Li Lian is being rather extreme in giving a limited choice to the voters, probably along this line (I doubt she uses Singlish, though): I can be only your full-time MP leh...and not your full-time NCMP. So ensure to vote for me to win hor, or else you don't see me in the political arena.

So the voters chose the 'or else...' and thus led to the latest episode on NCMP motion by WP which was passed without those who originally moved it.

'Cause I am the champion, and you're gonna hear me roar...Not!

PS. And now back to reading more of Janice Heng's articles. Told you I fall in love with her, didn't I?

Meisterstadt @ Batam (Fancy way to name the project as "The Champion City")

Thanks to Google Translate I now know what the project "Meisterstadt" means in English. It's a German word for "champion city". Hmmm. Check out the official website for more info. (If you understand the Bahasa Indonesia, you may want to check also this website

Well, the rationale seems sound alright as the project targets Singaporeans as the buyers. Nothing new. Recall the article last year about "Villas being built near Batam in lagoon with dolphins, developer eyes Singapore buyers" in which it says that "an Indonesian developer says Singapore buyers are showing keen interest in a project promising villas built over the sea, with dolphins at the residents' doorsteps. Batam-based developer PT Batam Island Marina and its Singapore investment partner Seven Seas FID are planning 64 villas, each shaped like a round bamboo hut and built around a lagoon with dolphins which residents can feed and play with."

Sorry if I digress, but try to google for "Seven Seas FID" and you'd come across to this page:

As per 31/01/16, it says that "SEVEN SEAS FID PTE. LTD. with Registration No.: 201418758Z was incorporated on 27 June 2014 (Friday) and as of 27 June 2014 (Friday) is a Live Limited Private Company. This Limited Private Company have been operating for 583 days."

OK. I don't know about you, but this rather short track record does not seem an assurance enough for me to look further about the property. Heh. With the same logic, I'd choose to scrutinize further about the developer of the Champion City Project (Meisterstadt) at Batam.

- Asiaone, "Indonesia's ex-President Habibie to build billion-dollar apartment project in Batam".

of an Ostalgia anthem, "East Germany - Under the Sea Parody"

Check out this clip, "East Germany - Under the Sea Parody". It was published on Nov 9, 2014 by "A Spoonful of Deutschland", and although the parody is really hilarious, it has gathered only about 14,160 views?? Nicht zu fassen!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

of “Bongcheon-Dong Ghost” by Horang

“Bongcheon-Dong Ghost” by Horang. This horror webtoon starts with a fair Warning that since it contains shocking scenes, reader discretion is advised for pregnant women, the elderly, and those suffering from serious medical conditions.

Check it out here...if you're up to it.

Friday, January 29, 2016

of Cats' First Encounter with a Baby (Consider about Toxoplasmosis already?)

Have you seen the endearing YouTube clip, "귀여운 아기와 고양이들의 첫만남 Cats' First Encounter with a Baby 赤ちゃんと猫たちの初の出会い[SURI&NOEL]"? It has gathered 1,289,555 views since it's uploaded last year on 6 Dec.

But seriously, read more about "Cats and Toxoplasmosis" and the health impact to the babies before you decide to try out the video in real life.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A majestic SGH Bowyer Block

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jelly Baby Family!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

of three peacocks...uhm...peacocking?

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

of Santa-Banta jokes, and reality of Santa Banta featuring Satwant Singh and Beant Singh

The Economic Times has the article, "SC to examine plea to shut down websites with Santa Banta jokes" & The Times of India also features, "We will seriously examine plea to ban Santa-Banta jokes: SC".

So what is this "Santa-Banta jokes" about? Well, I did google on the terms (somehow I clicked wrongly on the 'Image'), and found many of the jokes are not in English. Oh well...but one in particular is not a joke, but has a rather serious message:

Really, I've got to do more research on these 2 characters: Satwant Singh and Beant Singh.

The Supreme Court, on 4 January, said that it would seriously examine the petition to ban Santa-Banta jokes. The petition claims the jokes are a violation of the human rights of the Sikh community.

Advocate Harvinder Chowdhury filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) alleging that the jokes portrayed the Sikh community in a bad light - by showing them as individuals with 'low intellect'. The Delhi Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (DGPC) has also stepped in and added weight to the petition making the issue more serious.

"Isn't it true that members of the Sikh community are large-hearted and the only community which has the capacity to laugh at itself?" a TOI report quoted Chief Justice Tirath Singh Thakur as saying after he was asked if people with the surname 'Singh' had to face ridicule.

The bench has directed the registry to list both the petitions by Chowdhury and DPSC.
From Catch News, "Santa-Banta jokes are not funny; SC to review ban plea".

Monday, January 04, 2016

of Singapore GaGa withdrawn from the Titian Budaya Festival...

...simply because the filmmaker Tan Pin Pin refuses to let Malaysian censors to have their way to cut the word 'animal' in Malay from the movie. Well, I have not yet watched the show so I can't comment about it. But one thing I must admit is that Tan Pin Pin has demonstrated that she'd not be buckled (at least, not easily) by the demand of Malaysian censors. Oh, and also it's a right move of her to withdraw the movie, Singapore GaGa from the festival as it has gathered even more publicity.

- MSN, "‘Animals’ a security threat, say Malaysian censors over Singaporean film".
- Channel NewsAsia, "Singapore GaGa pulled from Malaysia event after film censored".

Sunday, January 03, 2016

of Star Wars Disney - Let it Flow - Let it Go Frozen Parody

Check this hilarious clip (yes, again it's related to Star Wars!): "Star Wars Disney - Let it Flow - Let it Go Frozen Parody". Impressive with 7,797,089 views so far since it's uploaded on 21 Jan 2015.

I especially like this part of the lyrics. Heh.

"My power passes through the air to close the door.
My deadly lightsaber will help your body meet the floor.
My super reflexes reflect your laser blast."

of Star Wars : Evolution of the Lightsaber Duel (Full Length)

Check out the clip, "Star Wars : Evolution of the Lightsaber Duel (Full Length)". It has gathered 342,840 views since it's uploaded on 17 Dec 2015. Informative too. Heh.

of The Last Town - no, not a review...

...because reviewing this Wayward Pines #3 will be impossible without revealing spoilers of the previous 2 books of the trilogy. But enough to say, the 3rd book, The Last Town is equally engaging & it's able to make me reading it furiously for the whole day. Heh. The general tone of the book is a grim desperation, even the hope that it offers at the last part of the book is just an uncertainty by itself. Still, since when 'Hope' and 'Certainty' are coming along together? Hmmm....

No Deal: Urban Spa, City Hall: $25nett for 60-Min Swedish/Aromatherapy/Shiatsu Body Massage

Yes. No deal! Simply because the offer of "Urban Spa, City Hall: $25nett for 60-Min Swedish/Aromatherapy/Shiatsu Body Massage" has a rather confusing advertisement. It claims "1000 sold" and yet in the deal, it also says "Bought 133". Hmmm...

Saturday, January 02, 2016

of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Disney Mashup

Check out the mashup of The Force Awakens trailers and Disney movies. The YouTube clip has gathered 853,426 views since it's uploaded on 4 Oct last year. It should have boasted more views! Heh.