Sunday, January 31, 2016

"The motion was passed - without those who had originally moved it."

I fall in love with Janice Heng. Yes. I am so entertained by her way of writing the article, "How the WP's NCMP motion was turned around by PAP". And her closing sentence of the article is just superb & aptly reflects to the irony of the situation: "The motion was passed - without those who had originally moved it." At first glance, the sentence does reek of paradox, doesn't it?

And all the drama is due to the Workers' Party candidate Ms Lee Li Lian who lost her Punggol East seat at the 2015 General Election, but had the highest vote percentage among the losing opposition candidates with 48.23 per cent of votes, making her eligible for an NCMP seat, but alas she declined to take up the position. She was once quoted to say: "Majority of the voters in Punggol East decided to not give me the mandate after 2.5 years, and we must respect this. The NCMP role is better suited for an aspiring MP who has no such experience and should take this up to show how he/she can contribute in Parliament".

I find it puzzling how she seems to conclude that a full-time MP cannot become a full-time NCMP. Whether you're an MP or an NCMP, if you are full time devoting your effort for the cause that you believe in, I reckon that is what really makes the difference. For me, Ms Lee Li Lian is being rather extreme in giving a limited choice to the voters, probably along this line (I doubt she uses Singlish, though): I can be only your full-time MP leh...and not your full-time NCMP. So ensure to vote for me to win hor, or else you don't see me in the political arena.

So the voters chose the 'or else...' and thus led to the latest episode on NCMP motion by WP which was passed without those who originally moved it.

'Cause I am the champion, and you're gonna hear me roar...Not!

PS. And now back to reading more of Janice Heng's articles. Told you I fall in love with her, didn't I?

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