Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Sad Truth of the Medishield Life's "Love of a Lifetime"

Here is the sad truth of the Medishield Life's clip, "Love of a Lifetime": the husband really dies.

Why is it, you ask. Isn't there a happy ending? Well, do refer to the clip when the elderly woman visits the hospital and the nurse (at 01:57) looks at her without her usual smile or greeting (unlike at the start of the clip at 0:25). In fact, a careful observer will notice that the nurse (at 01:57) is really forcing her smile abruptly thereafter.

Is it because the nurse is upset that she has to work during CNY? Nah, I don't think so. Nurses are real professional, you know. So the reason of such a response must be due to the fact that the husband of the elderly woman has passed away! (See, if he has recovered, don't you think the nurse will be joyful in her greeting to the elderly woman? Nurses are not actress. No way could she pretend to be sad just to temporarily mislead the elderly woman. The elderly woman is old, after all, so to quote The Black Eyed Peas, "No, no, no, no, don't phunk with [her] heart", right? That's just cruel.)

Well, so the husband passes away, but why then the subsequent scene shows he sits on the wheelchair?

Two possible reasons:
1) The elderly woman refuses to accept the truth (that her husband has passed away) and instead she imagines the miraculous recovery of her husband. It's not much a surprise as she has exhibited the creeping sign of mildly delusional as in her routine visits to the hospital, she always has with her the favorite popiah for her husband (who is not in a condition to consume it! What a waste of food...)


2) The supposedly heart-warming scenes of the husband in the wheelchair, hugged by the elderly woman and surrounded by their children are just the wishful last dying wish of the husband as he passes away. In addition, the scenes of the happy moments of him & the wife are just life flashes before his eyes as he is close to dying.

Either possibility is sad, huh?

Some of you may also notice how aptly Teresa Teng's song 恰似你的溫柔 (Just Like Your Tenderness) is used in the clip? The use of the song just foretells that the story is not meant to have a happy ending! Just check out the lyrics (here's the translated lyrics from Castle of Cosa Mesa page.)
On a certain year, certain month and that certain day
Just like a face, shattered
How am I move my lips to utter goodbye
How am I to just let all this go far away

This is not an easy task
Yet neither you nor I wept
Just let it come in silence
Then let it go, fully, totally

And now, a year follows another
Yet I cannot stop remembering it
Missing you, missing our yesterday

Wishing the for the winds from the sea
Because the caresses of the waves
Feel just like your tenderness

And now, a year follows another year
I cannot stop remembering it
Missing you, missing our yesterday

Wishing the for the winds from the sea
Because the caresses of the waves
Feel just like your tenderness

I guess the conclusion remarks I'd have to quote from "live Wise Blog":
Treasure your loved ones, my friends , for you don’t know how long you will have each other. Always kiss each other as if this is the last time you will see and hold each other. Love each other as if there is no tomorrow. Take each moment as a last chance you have to express your love , to forgive, to appreciate, to be thankful for your life.

And seriously, we do NOT need a once yearly Valentine's Day to express our love & appreciation to our loved ones.

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