Sunday, January 01, 2017

of Inner Workings

Hello, 2017. So here we are. Finally. Looking back, I just realize I have neglected this blog. Wow. No big surprise here if "Work" (yes, with the capital 'w') is being the reason. Or is it merely an excuse? I don't know. I guess I still am figuring out how my inner workings, uhm, work. Yes, 'inner workings'. Just like the cute, brief animation that was shown in the theater before the movie, Moana.

Check out the 1-minute trailer:

The summary as stated by Disney Wiki of "Inner Workings":
“This is the story of the internal struggle between a man’s Brain—a pragmatic protector who calculates his every move, and his Heart—a free-spirited adventurer who wants to let loose.”

I wonder if a similar 'turmoil' might have been encountered by Felicia Yap (yes, she's featured in the Newsweek, "FELICIA YAP'S DEBUT NOVEL "YESTERDAY" IS ALREADY A 2017 LITERARY EVENT"). She's been a biochemist, a lecturer at Cambridge University, a radioactive-cell biologist and a technology journalist--and now a novelist. Her debut novel, "Yesterday" somewhat brings the movie, "Memento" to my mind.

Anyway. Back to the topic, please.

Ah. Yes. Inner workings. Reckon following one's heart is really what truly makes things work well.

Easier said. To think one can be enlightened by a cute, brief animation is really ridiculous...or perhaps, it's not? Heh.

I guess I'd have to find out myself.

By the way, The Huffington Post article, "10 Reasons to Follow Your Heart" does make a compelling case.


Aphroax said...

so many great posts everywhere!!
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can I have your email address?

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