Sunday, February 17, 2008

Qassia -- come to mama

Join Qassia now. Especially useful for those who like to post links (in Qassia they call it 'intel') in their blogs because by joining Qassia, they'll earn credit for sharing the intels. In addition you'll get a backlink to your blogs for every intel you add. More backlinks will lead to more potential traffic to your blogs (without having to resort to writing too much about Edison Chen or posting the NSFW photos. *snigger snigger*) =)

It is also said in the starting page, that Qassia has 'the best ad revenue sharing system on the Internet'.

Oh, and for a brief 12-hour period after joining Qassia, you get no less than $500 Qassia dollars per referral (the standard referral commission is $100).

PS. And really, signing up did take less than a minute. =) Just remember to check your email afterwards to validate your account.


shanewei said...

so many websites of such these days.. too many lah. but check out entrecard ( :))

Anonymous_X said...

ha. sure. =)