Monday, February 18, 2008

"System Error. Your computer was infected by an unknown trojan.

It's dangerous for your system (Critical Files can be lost!).
Click OK to download the antispyware problem to clean your system (Recommended)."

That's the pop-up message frequently appears whenever I use the Internet & in a few occassion when I access 'My Computer'. I don't what the cause is. It doesn't slow down the computer; it's just annoying.

And whenever I try to google, the search page content leads to porn sites. Bloody insulting as if I can't find my own way to such a website.

The problem seems to be solved when I went to Tools | Internet Options | Advanced | Reset. (Oh, by the way, I'm using Internet Explorer). The pop-up message doesn't appear anymore. But now I view my computer with a bit of distrust. I don't think this 'unknown trojan' has truly gone.

Trying to take it positively, at least now I have another obsession--besides Edison Chen and/or Kira--surfing the Net to find the real solution of this problem. Heh.


Xizor2000 said...

You can me for plugging on your blog later... but maybe the few links contained here on this blog post on my blog would help.

Just remember to do everything in safe mode, and back up your registry before even doing anything. Worked for me when I cleared my friend's lappie.

Anonymous_X said...

Hi xz! Thanks for the prompt advice. Will check the link out now & try.