Wednesday, April 16, 2008

deadpris vs ShadowFox -- Celebrity (they wish?) Deathmatch (I wish!)

The latest blog war about one obsolete issue of 'anti-homosexuality', which resurfaced thanks to a pingster, deadpris (or priss) casting a vote to ban from another pingster, ShadowFox.

What a bloody celebrity deadmatch they two will present to the news-hungry blogosphere.

I was catching up with the articles when I chatted briefly at the shoutbox this morning with rinaz & chillycrap. The latter rightly pointed out that many bloggers would "join the bandwagon" i.e. to exploit the heat to blog their own take about the war with ultimate goal of grabbing more traffic to their sites.

We bloggers are pathetic. Well, some of us. At least those with whatever little conscience left.

Anyway, what's my take about these deadpris vs. ShadowFox? I'll reserve my opinion for the time being at least till the deadmatch between them ends. Unlikely soon, though.

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