Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"NUS FEMALE student who need packet money S$xxx/- per month" | First it was $200, and then it's $250?!

And I thought it was just a joke. A bad joke. It's not. It's not one, but TWO bad jokes. (Check out the screenshots below.) About an advertisement (now, it's TWO, dangling the reward of $250, up from $200) seeking for NUS female students who need packet money S$xxx/- per month interested in "no-string-attached" discreet and confidential relationship for monthly once.

Why NUS? (This the latest fetish? I did key in the keywords "NTU female students", but no result pages produced.)

Why monthly once? (That's pathetic)

The poster of the ads allegedly claimed to be doing Master’s in NUS on part-time basis. That, IF true, can explain the rare frequency of 'monthly once'. Ought to be busy doing a Master part-time, I guess.

Any NUS FEMALE student need packet money S$200/- per month

NUS FEMALE student who need packet money S$250/- per month

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