Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boo Speed Racer, Boo!

Speed Racer. I have a fond & vague memory--couldn't really recall what the show is about, other than cool cars & a catchy theme song--about the cartoon. That's enough to make me want to watch the movie version similarly titled "Speed Racer" by The Wachowski brothers (You know, the guys behind The Matrix movies.)

The show was highly entertaining with its dazzlingly rich special effects. Except for the racing parts when Speed replays the significant events of the past which, uhm, drives him to the finish line as the winner. C'mon, that is completely ridiculous (Oh yes, as if his car which can jump & climb the cliff is not. Heh).

Regardless of the future technology (maybe one day cars will be able jump & climb the cliff for whatever purpose), I'll still find it hard to believe that any race car driver--or any driver at all--can afford any of the racing/driving time to daydream.

You're really a demon on wheels, Speed!

Still the movie IS entertaining. The theme song of the movie is 'adapted' to the present taste, I guess, but it is as appealing as that of the animated one.

Take a look at these YouTube clips: the cartoon opening song of Speed Racer and "Go Speed Racer Go" Music Video by Ali Dee for the movie.

Notice some similarity between the clips? Nice, huh?

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