Friday, May 23, 2008

"The HelloKitty Challenge!" -- and how things can go wrong.

Very amused reading a blogger, Daphne Maia starting a contest, "The HelloKitty Challenge" and how another blogger, Uray taking up the challenge. Mischief in the making, some may say disapprovingly. Well, it is.

I have no idea how much influence Daphne might have in the blogosphere, but ripples of effect have surely been created. The landlady would experience some feeling of hope when all of sudden, she received many calls inquiring about the room. The delight soon decayed to despair as nobody turned up to view the room on the appointed date.

But, that's exactly what the contest is all about, you'd say.

True. And it achieves its goal, I must admit. However, things can go wrong not only for the landlady, but also for the contest starter, Daphne.

Think about it. Someone (who harbours any ill-feeling to her or whose sense of justice eclipses his/her sense of humour) might sabo her by sms-ing the blog post URL to the landlady.

That will cause awkwardness. And not just that, more things can go wrong, but I'd rather not blog about it. A clue: the landlady also has the blogger's contact no, doesn't she?

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