Sunday, May 11, 2008

Page Rank: from 0 to 10 and mine is...wth...minus 1?! | So is DK's?

Ouch. That hurts my ego badly I just have to take a screen-capture of the Page Rank result of my blog which is a miserable "minus 1".

That's it. This must be a Sign that I need to take a break from blogging. That...or something's not right with the Page Rank.

That's it. It's always easier to blame others, isn't it? There's nothing wrong with me (or my blog).

That's it. Still, I have to prove it. So let's experiment with another blog. DK's recent post stated his blog had achieved a Page Rank of 4. He's not a liar. If his Page Rank shows the result of 4, that means mine's truly minus 1.

And his Page Rank is...minus 1. Ergo, something's terribly wrong with the Page Rank. Not mine. (Although that may mean my Page Rank is even lower than minus 1. Oh well...)


rinaz said...

Try this link instead, it says that you have a PR of 3


DK said...

Aaaahhh!!!! How come I also -1? Hahaha...

I'm using :)
You got Page Rank 3.

Anonymous_X said...

rinaz & dk: ah, thanks. =)