Sunday, May 25, 2008

Uhm, I beg your pardon. Is it "Blogger's Treat" or "Blogger's Threat"?

I have no idea actually what "Blogger's Treat" is about.

What I am more curious is how allegations were made between the parties. It started by the series host, Sabrina in her 22/05 post "No Episode 4 of Blogger's Treat? Ask Podfire!". Michael Cheng from Podfire not-so-soon rebutted on 25/05 in his article, "Podfire: An exercise is dealing with unreasonable people", which very quickly countered in the same day by the producer of Blogger's Treat, Aaron Koh in "Podfire: Setting the records straight".

Altogether they made tedious readings. No, I won't dare to attempt to summarize why they're quarelling. Readers will have to judge themselves (if they bother to do so, that is) who is right and who is wrong.

Regardless of the outcome, I have a feeling that this is actually a win-win situation. For Podfire's Michael Cheng, more will get to know about Podfire. A similar situation will surely happen to Sabrina & Aaron Koh.

Even a bad publicity--well, as long as none is arrested by the police like the recent racist blogger--is still a publicity. People will be torn to support either party & if that's the goal of this whole hoo-ha, they have achieved it.

Congratz!! So any of you has a minute to explain what "Blogger's Treat" is about?

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Aaron Koh said...

(Start my one minute now!)

The concept of Blogger's Treat is to bring one guest blogger per episode to their favourite food place and share them with fellow bloggers.

(30 sec can?)