Monday, June 09, 2008

"Shop till you drop" may be such a bad phrase afterall.

No, I don't intend to blame the Great Singapore Sales nor the overcrowded SMRT that caused one lady to faint in the train between Orchard & Sommerset earlier tonight. Perhaps she was just unwell.

She had her hands full of shopping bags. She stood alone in a train full of passengers. And she fainted.

She did that in such a slow motion. One second she was standing as silently as the rest of us. The next second she slowly slipped onto the floor.

It was a sad sight as she was clearly trying to maintain her consciousness as she gasped for air. It was heart-warming to witness how other passengers reacted promptly to empty their seats & guided the lady to sit or to lay on them. (She insisted to just occupy one seat and not to sleep on the rest, by the way.)

She weakly shook her head when one old lady asked her whether she had someone to call to. She nodded--visibly in gratitude--when two other passengers offered their help to bring her out to the next stop to get the SMRT staff's assistance.

And in the next stop, they went out without much problem despite the train being overcrowded as other passengers (those who were standing) making a way for the two samaritans assisting the lady to leave the train.

No, I am not one of the two, if that's what you are wondering. Thus, the story stopped here and no continuation to what happened to her.


QuaChee said...

wow, that must be something. maybe her health is not so strong and couldnt take the heavy the shopping bags. pity.

krisandro said...

Maybe she realized on the train that she left a shopping bag somewhere and that bag of stuffs had 90% discount.