Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Good job, Hancock, good job!

That overly-said & insincere words, "Good job" by Hancock really crack me up. Especially as in the previous scene, the PR executive Ray was seen persistently & patiently teaching Hancock to say it. Hancock did have a good point. "If the police are doing a good job, I won't be required. So why should I tell them Good Job?" He asked incredulously.

YouTube - Handcock Clip: Good Job

In the end, he relented & when he was called out from the prison to handle some hard-core bank robbery, he was generously muttering Good Job to the police despite the fact that the situation was out of hand. To the point, one of them raised his eyebrows & replied, "Yes, you said it already!"

Another part of the show that tickles me is in the prison group sharing session where the inmates were sharing about themselves one by one as the rest listened & encouraged without any criticism or argument. Hancock participated although most of them he only said "Pass" when it was his turn to speak. Till at last, he shared shortly about himself & the rest of the prisoners were seen nodding & clapping. Exaggerating, but heart-warming.

Do catch the show if you want to see a 'hostile' superhero who saves lives without any regard to the property damage (Hancock captured three criminals & the by-product destruction cost the city $9 million) & if you want to witness a truly fearless and rude character ("Your breath smells like alcohol!" said one lady after Hancock rescued Ray from the train. To which he retorted, "That's cause I've been drinking, bitch!").

You can check the trailer of the show at Hancock - Official Site here.

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