Friday, August 15, 2008

Like paced, too predicted Singapore Team victory!!

Can't resist to screenshot the article, "Singapore vs S Korea in semi finals". Heh. Noticed the circled part? That is already published while the final game is still on-going.

Partially quoted: "With their triumph over the South Koreans, the Singapore team is now guaranteed the silver medal..."

Optimism at works here, I guess.

Oh, wait. As per Marc Lim's latest update: Team Singapore do win! Congratz!!

PS. With reference to the title of this post, pingster paced has earlier--way before Singapore winning over South Korea...

...but "for some reason" she retracted her post & appealed for other pingsters not to pong that article of her. Sportingly, we ignored her & sent her ping straight to the top 10. =P

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