Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And the proud owner of Lamborghini car plate WPN33 is...

...(for sure) Not me. Yeah. Pity. If I ever want to have a car (and have plenty cash to spare without feeling guilty), Lamborghini may be the first choice.

The above photos taken at Goodwood Park Hotel on 26/09 while waiting for the bus to go to the F1 night practice session. (Yeah, yeah...more photos of the over-hyped event coming soon)

Oh well, either materialism bug has bitten me deep or F1 fever is indeed contagious or I do need to think to upgrade my choice of transport. Heh. Dream on.

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just anotheR said...

Oh yeah baby! Aren't they just awesome?

I seem to have alot of affinity with the gorgeous yellow Gallardo, SFH7T. I bump into it in the strangest and most ULU of places. I think God is telling me something. haha.