Sunday, October 12, 2008

10 reasons why "Storm Rider: Clash of Evils" is such a disappointment...

Unless you really don't have any other movie to watch, do not ever consider to watch this Chinese animation movie, "Storm Rider: Clash of Evils". A truly disappointment.

I watched the show without any expectation. I didn't even read the comics before. I had zero knowledge about the plot--except for the previous movie (not animated), "The Storm Riders".

So I should have been able to enjoy this cartoon, or so I thought. Wrong.

The cartoon storyline, quoted from Wikipedia: The Sword Worship Villa, the world's top sword maker, witnessed the bloody execution of its people due to allegations of conspiring to start a rebellion. The young master of the villa, Ao Jue, is the only survivor of the execution. In order to complete the “Jue” Sword, forged by generations of his family, Ao Jue swears to attack Tin Ha Wui and battle with Wind & Cloud in order to obtain the blood of the Flame Kylin which can unleash the power of the sword. With Wind's blood containing the blood of the Flame Kylin, he becomes the prime target in Ao Jue's plan of completing the sword.

Anyway, here are my 10 reasons why the film is a flop:
1. Ao Jue is the arch villain, but how he becomes so strong considering his background as someone from the family of top sword maker is not explained.

2. There's no flashback or explanation why Duan Lang, who is one of the bad guys, hates the late leader of Tin Ha Wui, Hung Ba. Yeah, I've got to Wikipedia it afterwards before it makes any sense.

3. When Wind is portrayed to lose his humanity & becomes a demon, I realise that this is not the show that I'll enjoy. It's either a pure fighting show or a pure supernatural film. I can believe in any of them, but not the mixture.

4. An amnesiac Cloud is shown to be of a totally different character, and yet still a very formidable fighter. It will be more interesting if he were to lose his power too.

5. The supporting characters (ladies from both sides--good & bad) are not memorable. Too much focus on the main characters.

6. One character, Nameless, has one annoying ability to appear at a very convenient timing to save Cloud.

7. In one stage, Nameless is strongly convinced that Wind must be killed. Soon after, the amnesiac Cloud easily manages to convince Nameless not to kill Wind (which at that time is already defeated). The logic escapes me.

8. It is not clear whether the poisonous leech, courtesy of Duan Lang, still stays within Wind's body. Is that why he's shown meditating in the cave at the end?

9. Who is the Mysterious Healer from whom Duan Lang obtains the poisonous leech? An interesting character without any background story.

10. The show presents too many fights with unbelievable levels of destruction.

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