Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Childcare Head makes a headcount with a middle finger?!

Ha! That's the impression that I've got from reading "Childcare head denies showing middle finger". On one side of the story:

According to Shin Min Daily News, Madam Kuang had dropped her six-year-old son off at a kindergarten childcare centre on Sept 19. At that time, the childcare centre was preparing to bring their wards to the Jurong Bird Park for an excursion.

After entrusting her ward to the childcare centre, Madam Kuang, then proceeded to walk out of the building. On her way out, she happened to cast a glance at the excursion coach buses that were stopped outside the centre.

"When I lifted my head to look at the buses, I saw the head of the childcare centre placing three children on a seat meant for two people. I felt that something was amiss, so I shook my head.

"I didn't expect the head of the childcare centre to see me and to show me the middle finger," the 42-year-old waitress told Shin Min.

By the way, this is the same Mdm Kuang who with another parent once had lodged a complaint to Shin Min in April about a teacher in the childcare centre using corporal punishment. As expected, that teacher was then fired.

On another side of the story:
When questioned by Shin Min, the head of the childcare centre had said that she had not pointed her middle finger at Madam Kuang, but was using her fingers to make a headcount of the children on the bus.

"At first I thought there were only 58 children on the bus, but later I found out that there were 59. In order to let the bus driver know, I lifted up a finger to indicate that there was one extra child on the bus," she said.

She also added that as she was using all five fingers to make the headcount, a misunderstanding could have occurred.

"I called Madam Kuang to explain the situation after the incident, but she refused to accept the explanation," continued the childcare head.

According to Shin Min, the head had also explained that she had squeezed three children into a seat meant for two because there weren't enough seats available.

"I had asked the bus captain earlier and he said that it should not pose a problem as the children had small body sizes," she said.

Choose whose story to believe. But for sure, I dislike the Childcare Head who can't exercise her authority to insist the bus captain to provide sufficient seats. Three children sit on the seat for two?! How then the seat belt is properly utilised?!

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