Saturday, May 23, 2009

The National Film Board of Canada presents SEBASTIAN'S VOODOO

Check out the short film, "SEBASTIAN'S VOODOO" at YouTube here courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada together with the Cannes Short Film Corner. Although it's mostly about sacrifice (which is all good and fine), the plot does not make much sense.

See, if you're able to make a voodoo doll and do the standard stuff of cursing the doll by sticking it with pins (yeah, I know that sounds sick!), would you EVER make a voodoo doll which belongs to you?! In a sense, if that doll is pierced with a pin, it's you who will suffer the effect. No, right? Argh...the irrational storyline.

Still it's ultimately about sacrifice and sometimes sacrifice may indeed be without rationale.

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