Sunday, January 23, 2011

A dying man who can still send an email...

From one Mohammed Ahmed ( who claims to be a dying man. (Well, a dying man who is able to write an email. Not much dying, huh?)

Assalam Allekum,
My name is Mohammed Ahmed. I am a dying man who have decided to donate the sum of $18m million dollars.) to you for the good work of the humanity. Please contact me via. Email: for details information on this noble project of mine Please note that I have WILLED $18m to you by quoting my personal reference number Ms/Jds/577/0018/HtrI/33ln/eg so that i can confirm that you actually received my email notice to you.
Wassalam and regards,
Mohammed Ahmed

Title of the email is MY LAST WILL. Apparently there're many wills of him. Not so dying after all, is he? Heh.

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