Saturday, September 24, 2011

F1 Night Race 2011 - Photos Galore

So I got a $1,288-ticket for a Grandstand Turn 2 for yesterday 2011 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix! (I do wish I could have said it that I was given the ticket in my capacity as a blogger. Alas, that's not the case! Heh.)

Anyway here are some of the photos I snapped:

1. Yes, so it's not night yet. I was early.

2. So I did a lot of walking. I came from Gate 1 (Zone 1 - refer to the map below) & I wandered all the way to Zone 4. Hur hur.

3. Here I was at Zone 4 - Padang.

4. And at Zone 4 - Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. Getting ready to watch Bollywood Express performance. Jai Ho!!

5. Then after laughing out loud at Forbidden Broadway hilarious performance (sorry, no pictures. Busy laughing!), I sneaked back to Grandstand Turn 2 & snapped some photos of the race.

6. Yeah, this was another of such photos. Mostly blurrish. I have much to learn. Heh.

7. The 10 planets blazing near Gate 1. Yeah!

8. Some stalls--beside those selling the usual merchandises--had also a game! This man didn't allow me to try, though. Hur hur.

9. Back to Zone 4 - Esplanade Outdoor Theatre for Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars (Trinidad) performance.

10. Behold Marina Bay Sands - possibly the second best integrated resort after Resorts World Sentosa!

OTHERS (from the official website of Singapore F1 - 2011 Formula 1 Night Race - Singapore Grand Prix):

Download Circuit Park Map

Bollywood Express

Forbidden Broadway

And the following YouTube clips of Forbidden Broadway will give you the idea why I failed to take any of the photos of its show:

West end live 09 Forbidden Broardway Lion king

Forbidden Broadway - Les Miz


chrisgoodwin said...

Looks like you had a good time at the grand prix! And you had some pretty good seats too! I'm looking at going next year so if you can remember can you tell me the block and seat you had?

Anonymous_X said...

Hi chris, mine's at block A4. (Sorry being anonymous, I have every moral duty not to reveal too much details such as the row and/or seat nos. Heh.)

More info on why Grandstand Turn 2 is recommended, pls refer to this file:

Hope you too have a great time next year F1!!