Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bedok Beach Terror by Black/Yellow

You may be one of those netizens who condemn the lcoal rock band Black/Yellow for their music video, "Bedok Beach Terror".

I too was one of them. (What a lousy music video, anyway, except the part starting 2:55 minutes onwards...)

Then I was pondering about it further and realized that perhaps it's the band's intention to make such an outrageous song about Bedok Reservoir to deter future incidents of deaths over there.

Hmm...whether it's right or not, let's just see whether we're going to have another morbid case involving Bedok Reservoir anytime soon.

This music video about the recent deaths at Bedok Reservoir from local rock band Black/Yellow caught the attention of STOMPer shawn.

Bedok Beach Terrors is a composition from the three-member band, with the lyrics describing the reservoir as a 'body of water' of 'infinite horror' and a place where 'all your nightmares come to life'.

The four-minute long music video appears to have been shot on location at Bedok Reservoir and have attracted a mixture of comments online.

One netizen appreciated the artistic direction of the video while another lapped up the production crew as 'geniuses'.

However, a netizen slammed the musical content as 'ridiculous' and 'immature' and called the band 'a disgrace to black metal'.

STOMPer shawn wrote:

"A group of Singaporean teenagers have made a music video about the deaths at Bedok Reservoir."

From STOMP, "S'pore indie metal band makes controversial music video about Bedok Reservoir deaths".

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