Monday, April 02, 2012

"Because I'm a Girl" in many languages!!

Remember this post, "The best realistic comment to "A Heart Touching Love Story That Would Make Your Heart Cry"..."? I just found out that the song titled is "Yeoja Inikka" ("Because I'm a Girl") and it's actually a debut single--a hit in 2001--by KISS, a Korean female pop trio.

J Entercom - Kiss [Because I'm A Girl] - original in Korean

Japanese Version of "Because I'm A Girl" Songs

Kiss-Because I'm a Girl (english-FULL, its lyrics here)

Because I'm a Girl (Cantado en español) | PORQUE SOY UNA MUJER - lyrics here

Kiss - Because I'm A Girl (Chinese Version)

se voce disser que sim-em portugues (lyrics here)

Kung Alam Mo Lang--Because I Am a Girl by KISS in Tagalog | with lyrics

By the way I don't really feature the followings in this post:
- Because I'm A Girl [Boy/Vietnamese Version]
- kiss-because i am a girl in french (boy version)

Just find it rather weird with the male version. Hur hur.

Anyway according to this YouTube description:

There were many versions of the song created: * English version : "Because I'm A Girl" by Jini (Kiss member) * Mandarin version : "没有你的每一天" (Mei You Ni De Mei Yi Tian) ("Days Without You") by Jill Xu Jie Er * Cantonese version : "野种子" (Yi Chong Zhi) ("Wild Seed") by Bobo Chan * Tagalog (Philippines) version : "Kung Alam Mo Lang" by Roxanne "Roxie" Barcelo * Vietnamese version : "Noi Dau Muon Mang" by Anh Tie * Portuguese version : "Se você disser que sim" by Francielle * Japanese version : "Onna Da Kara" by Azuki * Turkish version : "Görmez Olsun(bizim şarkımız)" by:Grup Anlılar * Spanish version...

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