Saturday, April 21, 2012

The House of Steamboat aka the House of the Rising Steam while You Cook Your Own Meal without MSG!

Finally visited this cozy, little eatery called The House of Steamboat. Located at no. 7 Tan Quuee Lan Street, it's within walking distance from Bugis Junction.

They boast a healthy meal with 'No MSG!' and offer 6 choices of Chinese Herbal Soup:

· Mother Hen Chinese Herbal Soup (Good aphrodisiac tonic soup)

· Fish Bone Chinese Herbal Soup (Good aphrodisiac tonic soup)

· Traditional Chinese (Ma-Lak) Spicy Soup

· Authentic Tom Yam Soup

· Traditional Hot & Spicy Soup

· Traditional Chinese Herbal Pork Belly Soup

When you order the steamboat, you can choose any two soup. I opted for the first one (don't laugh - I'm only aware that it's good aphrodisiac tonic soup after visiting the website just now!) and the last one. Yeah, chicken & pork, as simple as that. Heh.

And I had no regret!

Here are some of the photos taken:

1. House of Steamboat

2. Some appetizer: mantous, chickens, and fish cake - the butter is for the barbeque, by the way.

3. Some of the dishes for barbeque!

4. Preparation to barbeque - first is the butter..

5. Meanwhile our steamboat is steamingly ready...

And a little disclaimer: This is no advertorial. The House of Steamboat does not sponsor this post. Heh.


FoodieFC said...

food blogger next? haha.

How was the quality and freshness of food?

Anonymous_X said...

Haha. No way. I don't really blog about food.

Quality & freshness of the foo? Guess the main attraction is the herbal soup. ;)