Sunday, April 08, 2012

Latest of the blogger Ms Jiang Lai ... Nil?! Nada?! Nothing at all?!

I've just noticed that recently many visitors came across this humble site of mine as they google for 'jiang lai', 'jiang lai blog' or 'blogger jiang lai'. (The 2 particular posts visited are "Ms Jiang Lai (Only date ACSi boys!) should be featured by Opposition!!" and "Blogger Jiang Lai threatened to suicide over a hotel deposit?!?!")

I still recall her blog URL (, but alas, it's already deleted & no longer available. is no longer available.
The authors have deleted this blog.

Pity. I'm kind of curious what happened to her these days? And why many have been trying to find out more about her.

Till then--till we hear more latest news about her, hopefully nothing which involves IMH--let these 3 photos (from various source in the Net) remind us about how a beautiful face may not be everything!


Unknown said...

why change the adresss... :)

Anonymous_X said...

Think it's deleted altogether leh. Heh.