Monday, April 30, 2012

Nothing's wrong to spend some time up on Cloud Number 200--and it's not even across the moon...

I confess my other blog, "Because the moon already does another's..." (the choice of the name is explained here) has been somewhat neglected since I started it in August 2008. Only just now I managed to hit the Clouds #200. Yeah. Although I did manage to snap those photos, I just find it troublesome to post them.

Here are what I usually do after taking the shots:
1. Download them on the computer
2. Use 'Paint' to resize it
3. Use 'Paint.Net' to touch-up the brightness
4. (In rarer occasion) Upload them to my blog

So on the eve of Labour's Day, I decide to do just that--upload 8 photos & thus, hit no. 200!

What's the big deal? Uhm, nothing really. I just want to see if I can maintain the momentum of blogging about nothing that is very likely not of others' interest.

PS. To intentionally off the track, here are the 2 songs which affect the title of this post:

Cloud Nothings "Nothing's Wrong"

Bryan Adams - Cloud Number 9

Rah Band - Clouds Across the Moon

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trekking your blog!!!