Sunday, April 08, 2012

Outsourced ... now is a comedy

Outsourced on Channel 5. Premieres 8 April, Sunday, 11pm. That's tonight!

By the way, Tomatometer rated it at 74%.

Outsourced is a comedy series of an American novelties company set in a call centre in Mumbai, India. A lone American manager returns from management training to find that the entire order processing department which he works in has been outsourced. In order to keep his job, he lands himself in India and comes face to face with hilarious and awkward situations in his attempts to understand the Indian culture.
(Source: Xin MSN, "Outsourced".)


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha!!! i watch it on tv2 every midnight.. but already finish.. huhu.. hope have season 2 for outsource.. it make me laugh all the way.. ahaha!!! and it more funny than troll joke..

Anonymous said...

oh not every midnight.. i mean is every thursday midnight.. :D forgot to place "thursday"..

Anonymous_X said...

Haha. Channel 5 here very slow. Just started liao. =P