Friday, April 27, 2012

A victim of +60301 call?

What a rude awakening! I was asleep during lunch time when my phone rung with the mysterious no of +60301. Yes. There's that plus sign too. And what on earth, only 5 digits? Sleepily I picked up the call.

The caller (a Female): (Greeting a long greeting in Chinese)
Me: ...
The caller: Asking in Chinese whether I understand Chinese
Me: (after a pause, I replied in Chinese that I don't understand Chinese)
The caller: (Ought to be perplexed, she translated in English what I just said in Chinese)
Me: (I confirmed in Chinese that what she translated in English was correct)
The caller: ...
Me: ... (and I hung up the call)

Fast forward a few hours (aka NOW!), I googled the no '+60301' and I was surprised that there have been others who were the recipients of this no! And I guess my inability to understand Chinese (and my rudeness to just abort the call after a decent amount of pause from both party) has saved me!

Here's the example from WhoCallsMe thread, "60301":

did a survey over the phone once out of good will. some chinese lady calling claiming that she represents a wellness company trying to break into south east asia market. asked only for my age and full name and whether i have the habit of going to SPAs.

1 week later someone called asking me to go malaysia to attend an award ceremony(which i declined)

later in the week called again claiming that they are giving me a free membership card for some wellness spa, saying they will contact me again. Thought it might be a scam and ignored it for a week.

1 week later called again and said that i was one of 5 third place winners that won a set of spa equipment that costs 400k. (i picked it up without looking at the caller ID). tried to turn down their offer. but the guy over the phone was quite persistent, taking time to explain that they are trying to promote their products by offering the lucky draw( with kind of a pissed off tone) and hope that the winners will recommend their products and services to others. so i listened on...

then the guy asks whether i have room in my apartment for the equipment(for stuff like bath tubs). i said no. then they say that they have a similar case in malaysia whereby a man do not does not have room in his apartment, but negotiated for cash payment of 200k. they offered me the same deal. I got tempted(seemed like the perfect solution for my university problem) and gave my IC number.

Then they asks for bank account no. I told them to call me back later.

Discussed this with my family and they told me that it is probably an elaborate scam.

Then they called again. i did not pick up the phone. within the span of the next hour, i received multiple foreign phone calls, including +60301 and a private number.

On hindsight, everything looked really suspicious. Why would you give someone 400k worth of equipment and "hope" that they will recommend the products to others? why would they provide a gift that may not be suitable for every household? i also did ask whether i had to fill in anything, and they said they will help me fill in the form and i just have to give them my details over the phone.

I felt like an idiot, to trust someone so easily and be so easily tempted by money.

SO people, do watch out.

HardwareZone Forum also dedicated one bustling thread for this +60301 with one member suggested that the no is of 'Google Voice'.

The no +60301 was also featured in the comment section of STOMP, "Little girl with China accent calls me and says: "Mummy, I've been kidnapped"" in Aug 2011. The comment was somewhat hilarious:

I had this call too and number was only +60301
My mum ever received a call and its a male voice crying in china accent " Ma..Wo bei Bang Piao le ya, kuai Jiu wo! Kuai!"
My mum just replied, "ok! Coming" and hung up!

Well, I guess we won't see the last of this '+60301' anytime soon. Heh.


inhale :: exhale said...

who says so +60301 just called me but i didn't answer.. phew!

inhale :: exhale said...

who says so +60301 just called me but i didn't answer.. phew!

Fernando Cantu Saldivar said...
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