Monday, July 09, 2012

Copyright Claim by Kong Hee on Youtube parody videos! WTF?!! (Singapore's Biggest Charity Scandal 1989-2012)

Read this Facebook page, "Copyright Claim by Kong Hee on Youtube parody videos! WTF?!! (Singapore's Biggest Charity Scandal 1989-2012)" by DiarySG.

(NOT A JOKE) WTF???!!!

LATEST UPDATE: WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED AN OFFICIAL MESSAGE (or WARNING) FROM KONG HEE to stop making parodies about Kong Hee on Youtube!?!

Yes, the same man (Kong Kee) in that Singapore's Biggest Charity Scandal from City Harvest Church.

Reason given is: ''Copyright claim by Kong Hee''!?! Wow, that video is a obviously a homemade video, self-editted video & it is obviously a parody & you claim copyright??? Why don't you claim copyright from all the international news agency from filming you as you attended court? So if we ever resort to make a Hitler Parody, Kong Hee, you will also claim copyright??

Wow, Kong Hee, do you even have a sense of humour? Can you even take creative feedback? Seriously, to date, team DiarySG has made parodies on Nicole Seah, Tin Pei Ling, Low Thia Khiang, Tony Tan, Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Jee Say, Chiam See Tong, Steven Lim, Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, SDP, PAP, Workers Party, England National Football Team, Singapore Football national team, New Nation, and even Lee Kuan Yew etc etc. Did any of the above persons or organisation claim copyright? Of course not! Because they got feedback via a creative, satirical & humourous way!

Did Nicole Seah, NSP and/or all Singapore opposition parties claim copyright for this?
Nicole Seah Unofficial Introduction Video (22 Apr 2011)

Even MediaCorp had the decency to email us nicely to request we take down a certain video once, which had too many views & was a video shown on LIVE TV.

Once, a German media company had removed our video but in a civil manner.

Yahoo News Team even interviewed one of our crew member for views and featured our most popular Tony Tan Chicken video.

Mr Brown, Singapore's well-known blogger also featured us.

We were even featured on Taiwan TV News.

SMRT also not as petty as you, Kong Hee, because they laughed at our light-hearted approach towards the train breakdowns!

Did Workers Party or Yam Ah Mee ever claim copyright for this???

Okay, maybe Singapore State Media boycotts us because we are 'too creative' for them.

Not even New Nation or Lee Kuan Yew even made a big hoo-ha for this parody!

Did that Korean boyband or Lee Kuan Yew ever claim copyright for this???

Even the mighty PAP has a sense of humour, unlike you, Kong Hee!!!

But, Wow, Kong Hee, just WOW! We thought we were being nice by giving you feedback with humour. In fact, if you watch the video, it actually has a subliminal hint of empathy, pity and support for your case & sorry predicament. We even raised awareness for a fair trial for you & this is how you reply us?!?

Did we insult you? Did we defame you? Did we hurt your feelings? You feel guilty? Do YOU even know what is satire?? Are you trying to bully young bloggers and vloggers? Kong Hee, you think own the rights to the ''Fun Pack Song'' and ''Lady Gaga's Bad Romance''?

(This message was typed spontaneously from one of our Youtube team. It is out of frustration & immediately after just knowing that one of our original video might be in breach of Youtube terms & conditions due to ''Copyright claim from Kong Hee''. We will screenshot the original message from Kong Hee and reproduce it for the public if required.)

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