Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dedications Day 31/08/12 - 987 FM Divian and Jacqui

Support them in their attempt to present the most no of dedications read on-air in 1 hour for the Singapore Book of Records.

As mentioned in this Facebook page, "987 Divian and Jacqui", this is how:

Yeah, and it's on purpose that I include the very first dedication registered in that Facebook entry, by one Meiya Tan who's very specific in her dedication. Heh.

Dear Hansome Tan J.S.
Who live in Jurong West st.42 blk.455 #04-144
I'm about to lose my mind
You've been gone for so long
I'm running out of time

Yes, the curious part is that this Meiya Tan is supposedly married (at least that's what her Facebook page says) to one Petrick Gham Charush. Hmm...

Oh well, there ought to be an interesting story behind this particular dedication which we may not be in the position to know more...


Back to the topic, do support this attempt for the Singapore Book of Records! (Besides leaving your dedication for the above Facebook page, you can also send your dedication in via twitter with this HASHTAG. --> #987dedicationsrecord.)

By the way, Dedications Day is not uniquely part of 987 FM.

Sharing means you never celebrate alone. Memories become sweeter and celebrations are extra special.

So on Dedications Day, Friday 31 Aug 2012, we invite you to share a message with your loved ones - best friend or spouse, parents or children. Tell them how much they mean to you.

You can send your dedications to your favourite station by email:

Stations Emails
Class 95FM
Gold 90.5FM
Lush 99.5FM
Symphony 92.4FM
Capital 95.8FM
Love 97.2FM
YES 93.3FM
Ria 89.7FM
Warna 94.2FM
Oli 96.8FM
From Xin MSN, "Dedications Day".

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