Saturday, August 04, 2012

Malaysian Dogs Deseve Better; So Do Singaporean Dogs...or any country dogs!

Referring to STOMP, "Men offer to take care of pet dog, then chuck it down manhole", and partially quoted:

The owner is a student from Jordan who went back home on June 24. The owner's housemate's friend, a Somali student, offered to care for the pet dog, Kanilla, for a month. Kanilla was a cross between a Pitt Bull and a Dalmation.

However, on July 19, the owner received a shocking message which claimed that Kanilla had run away. Even more shocking was the video shown to the owner by his housemate when he returned to Malaysia on July 26.

The video showed the Somali student and another accomplice throwing his pet dog into a manhole in Cyberjaya. They had apparently used his housemate's laptop to transfer some files, including the video and had forgotten to erase them afterwards.

From the same article, I learn about the existence of "Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better" Facebook. (Check out also the blog, "Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better".)

Now I wonder whether there's such a site like "Singaporean Dogs Deserve Better", but the most relevant site I found is "Action for Singapore Dogs". Support them however you can.

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