Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Tales of Inconsiderate Drivers

Two of them actually, courtesy of STOMP. One is "Mercedes driver holds up entire line of buses by parking at bus stop" and another is "BMW driver hogs shelter during heavy downpour until 6 cars horn and horn at him". The two inconsiderate drivers were, unfortunately, not identified. Only their cars were. In the former incident, it's a Mercedes SJQ5252Z and in the latter it's a BMW SKB8331B.

Yeah, I know many are tempted to find out more about the identity of these 2 inconsiderate drivers. But googling for the car nos did not bring any concrete results, mind you.

Well, except for the well-deserving insults. Heh.

Nothing so far, either, for the second case (not even a well-deserving insult to slap the driver).

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