Sunday, September 29, 2013

Boxers & Saints: A Chilling Graphic Novel

Heh. Sounds promising.

Partially quoted from Kotaku, "2013's Best Graphic Novel Is All About Killing in the Name of God(s)":

Don’t let the appealingly cartoony look of Boxers & Saints fool you. Terrible things happen in this graphic novel. Old men get beaten up. Women and children get killed in rather heartless fashion. And, worst of all, the senseless death that happens in the 500-page opus is based on actual events. But, goddamn, is it ever beautiful.1P

Boxers & Saints tells the story of the Boxer Rebellion in China, a tumultuous two-year period from 1899-901 where Chinese rebels tried to expel European foreigners and missionaries from their country. In terms of violence, much of the worst stuff happens off-panel but there’s still a ton of chilling imagery that shows what happens when a society has to grapple with physical and spiritual invasions.

And from the Austin Chronicle, "The Boxer Rebellion Gets Yang'd But Good":

Gene Luen Yang's Boxers and Saints is physically heavy enough to be used as a doorstop and narratively deep enough to float two perspectives on a substantial hunk of Chinese (and, to a lesser extent, pushy British Empire) history: The Boxer Rebellion.

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