Saturday, July 11, 2015

Who is Rudhiyasa in Dragon Ball?

So I am re-reading Dragon Ball on a Saturday night. It's sad to observe those fun I was used to enjoy immensely when I was little are no longer enjoyable. Heh. In fact I find myself pondering over little details which I missed out last time. For example this 'rudhiyasa' in the 3rd volume of Dragon Ball page 119. The name or the word is shown at the sleeve of a person. Who is this 'rudhiyasa'?

Upon googling for 'rudhiyasa', or 'who is rudhiyasa in dragon ball' or 'dragon ball rudhiyasa', I finally came across this particular site, "Who is this creep from page 119 of the third volume of the dragon ball manga?" which makes the most sense:

From what I remember, Budhiyasa (with a B) was Akira Toriyama's tour guide and friend who helped him, his assistant, and his wife around Bali while on their vacation. They were there on vacation together, and Budhiyasa was super nice to them, so Toriyama put him in the comic.

Bali was the inspiration for the Tenkaichi Budokai island.

OK. Rudhiyasa does sound like an Indonesian name and so is 'Budhiyasa'. And the clincher is that the entrance of the arena where Budokai Tenkaichi took place in the manga does seem like the Balinese Candi Bentar (split gate).

'Rudhiyasa' from Dragon Ball vol.3 page 119...

...who is actually a 'Wayan Budhiyasa'?

Tenkaichi Budokai arena...

...which is inspired by the Balinese Candi Bentar (split gate)

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