Friday, February 05, 2016

of Chay Yu Wei and his genuinely fake "Look Up"

So I guess I am truly amused by the story. Heh. Inspired by the 'photographer' Chay Yu Wei and his 'artwork' called "Look Up", I decide to have a try at his creation by doing the followings:
1) delete his nicely positioned aeropolane,
2) invert his photo colours,
3) google for 'monkey' and choose an image
4) crop the image of the monkey
5) go to no 2) above and create a new layer
6) paste the crop image of 4) to the new layer in 5)
7) position the new layer (with the monkey in it) to the top of the ladder

VoilĂ ! Now you have it, and I'll opt to name it as "Look Up! The golden monkey shines so brightly on top of the ladder in the otherwise pitch dark of a night!" (Bleah, too wordy!)

- Straits Times, "Photographer whose viral altered photo won Nikon Facebook contest apologises for his 'mistake'".

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